Remain in control of your data by running your own cloud on your own premises. It’s a lot cheaper and easier than you might think. In fact, for a very respectable fee we can install and configure the software on your hardware and instruct you on how to make the best use of it. We can also supply the hardware and do all the work, including instruction on usage as part of our popular managed services option.

Some of the advantages of running your own cloud include:

  Shared Calendars.

  Create multiple calendars and share them among friends or colleagues!

  Shared Address Books.

Create multiple address books and share them with friends or colleagues. Because they are centralised on the cloud server, they are available from any device!

   Shared Files.

Share your files with the people that need them, across multiple devices, any time!

   Two way sharing.

File sharing can work both ways. Do you have customers that need to send you files?  Simply send them a link via email and they can upload direct to your cloud and avoid clogging up mail servers!


All of this can be made available easily and with minimal cost if you have a spare machine lying around.
Give us a call and let us explain how it can all be done, we’re happy to explain the process with no obligation.